Brown to Blonde Hair 101: The Perfect Hair Guide for You

Brown to Blonde Hair
Finding the right hair color ideas is important, but that’s not the only thing you should do. The color of your hair should be a perfect match to the color of your skin, for example. Some hair colors produce curious results when matched with a certain skin tone. Usually, it’s easier to shift from auburn locks to golden smoothness because brown hair is a lot closer to blond than, say, for example black hair. You can start with highlights and go from there, in fact.

Do you want to shift from brown to blonde hair? Then, you’ve come across the right article. You want your hair to match your wardrobe, or else you might have to find a whole new wardrobe as you go from brunette to blonde. It also takes care, effort, and one of those sheets you see at the barbershop placed all over you.

What Is Entailed in Dyeing for your Hair?

Brown to Blonde Hair
A lot is involved when it comes to hair dyeing, so you better think twice before doing it. You shouldn’t copy anyone else’s hairstyle or hair color ideas, it’s like attempting to copy their wardrobe; what works for them might not work for you. You shouldn’t ruin your individuality and style.

If you really want to go through dyeing, then you have to do so with you in mind. What looks good with your skin? Or your outfit? You shouldn’t go “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” you need to think for yourself for once. Make your personality shine.

In terms of going brown to blonde, the change isn’t as striking as going from raven-haired to bleach-haired. With that said, that’s to your advantage because your color transition makes it easier for the dye to work since there’s less melanin to deal with.

Furthermore, you have many different shades of blonde to choose from, whether it’s strawberry blonde (a kind of blonde that has a tinge of red to it), platinum blonde (there’s more yellowness in that blondeness type), or golden blonde (to capture the shininess of gold, a more balanced color hue is in order).

You can go blonde in terms of frosted tips or make your hair go all white with bleach, but with a golden tinge. Your eye color, the current season, and what kind of personality you project might affect the effectiveness of your blondeness. Check with the salon that’s doing your hair dye for you what are the different shades of blonde available and even have them recommend a style for you. Your hair color ideas are actually part of the most important stage to start with in terms of coloration, for your information.

Certain stereotypes are associated with blondes that you might not approve, like being ditzy or being too aggressive. On the other hand, you should take it positively, even if it doesn’t reflect your true personality as long as you can get the look you want.

If they underestimate you, use that to your advantage. Find positive things associated with a blonde hair color or simply don’t care about what other people think because when everything is said and done, it’s you who determines what kind of person you are and should be.

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