Buying the Most Expensive Jewelry

Elegance is a very symbolic word. We may not be able to describe its physical appearance because it was never an object but we can definitely see it in the way people do their daily activities. We can also see it in the way they speak and the way they move. We can also see it in their dress, their fashion statement and in their jewelry. Jewelry seems to be the very reflection of elegance in its most physical form. This is because of its fragility, its value and its beauty. It can even speak of the taste of a person when it comes to valuable things.

The truth is that jewelry is the most metaphysical of objects in history. It has been used first by man in their early tribes to symbolize power and so many things. Today, their meaning might not be given enough value but the beauty is the one that stands out the most. This is the reason why many people buy jewelries because of its fashion trending ability and its appearance. Whatever the reason behind it, we cannot avoid the use of them in our daily lives.


Why did stones become expensive? The answer is actually very simple – because they are rare. If rarity is not the reason behind its value, then sand could be a probable candidate for being an expensive piece of jewelry. The same is true with money. The more bills a currency have the lesser its value.

There are a lot of precious stones that can be listed even if they can be considered rare. This means that there are a lot of stones and rocks in the planet so as that there are few of them are considered precious. Diamonds are the most famous of them. This is formed by pressure and heat generated by the power of the earth.

If we are going to consider its chemical composition, we can safely say that diamonds are nothing different from charcoal and a huge trunk of a tree. All of these are made out of carbon. The only thing that differentiates them is that diamonds are made out of heat and pressure. Diamonds are rare if we are going to talk about the layer of the earth where we can easily reach. However, if we are going to include the layer in which we can no longer tolerate the conditions, we just might be able to get a lot of them.

Processing Stones

Once you get a precious stone from the ground, you would have to process it to make it fit with a piece of jewelry because no one is going to carry a huge ore of diamond as a necklace. The processing can be as brutal as the digging part where you would have to blow up huge chunks of rocks to reveal the ore.

Once the ore is taken out the other elements and compounds found in it will be melted. We have to understand that substances have different melting points and a boiling cup of water will be considered cold compared to other materials. This one will undergo treatment in ultra-high heat. Diamonds have a high temperature resistance because they are made through this process. We can safely say that they are born to endure heat and extreme pressure.

The process does not end there. The diamonds processed out do not have the perfect shape that they have when they are already made into expensive jewelry. Diamonds have to be cut. You might be wondering how considering the fact that they are too strong since they cannot be melted easily by high heat. Modern plants use lasers that can cut straight through diamonds. The most expensive piece of diamonds and precious stones has their own signature also burned through the use of lasers.


Metals are also very expensive and most of them are the main parts of the most expensive jewelry in the planet. When expensive metals and jewelry comes out in a conversation, two will always come out – gold and silver. These two are the most used metals in jewelry making. The reason behind it is the same as that of diamonds – rarity. Gold and silver are rare and they are not dangerous.

There are some metals that are really rare but most of them are radioactive so they cannot be worn as jewelry. Plutonium and uranium are two of the most expensive metals that cannot be worn because of their volatile nature which is dangerous to man. They are usually used to produce power because of the high power lying in the atomic core.

If they are worn as jewelry, the person wearing it will definitely die out of cancer and rotting flesh. This scenario might be too fore but it actually happened to Marie Curie, one of the most famous scientists in history.

Molding Metals

The process in making jewelry out of metals is not the same as the one being used in diamonds. These metals can also be found in ores and chunks of big rock and they have to be melted down to remove the impurities. After this, laser will not be used. Instead, another melting will happen to reform metal into liquid form. Unlike diamonds, metals can be easily melted if they are subjected to high heat.

Gold is usually turned into huge bars and transported to the companies who bought them. Banks and most countries use gold as a basis for their currency value making the manufacturing of gold a very important industry.

Some of the bars are turned into jewelry by melting them again. The molten metal is then poured over a metal casing that will give it form as it cools down and turn back to solid. They are usually fashioned to be bracelets, necklaces, rings anklets and even crowns. They are also several designs. Some of them can even have precious stones or pearls as the center piece, making the jewelry more elegant and more expensive.

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