Create the Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry with the Rarest Gem Stones in the World

Throughout the years, people have worn accessories to symbolize status and power. Today, stereotyping based on physical appearance is very common that most middle to upper class families can be easily identified just by the brand name outfits and bags they adorn themselves. If you want to create a unique jewelry that can impress anyone who lays eyes on it, why not use the rarest gem stones found on earth.

Red Diamonds

Known as women’s best friend, diamonds have always been associated with the most luxurious pieces of jewelry in the market. A rare type like the red diamond would even fetch a higher value. At an estimated cost of 2-2.5 million US dollars per carat, this unique gem can only be bought through auction. The only source is a mining company in Australia that has reportedly found only several pieces each year. The deeper the red hue of the diamond, the higher its value since most of its counterparts is actually purplish or magenta.

Blue Garnet

Although garnet can be easily found in the market in many colors like yellow, pink, green and even colorless ones, a type that emits a purplish blue hue is very rare. The price per carat is about 1.5 million US dollars and can only be bought in small amounts due to lack of sources. The gem has been found first in Madagascar in the 1990s but is now being mined in the US, Turkey and Russia. The component responsible for the stone’s purplish hue is vanadium – which is present in large amounts. You can see the hue clearly when you hold the stone against incandescent lighting.


The name of this gem stone comes from its English discoverer Arthur C. Pain in the 1950s. The stone is a unique borate material with a natural hexagon shape. It usually comes in a red orange or reddish-brown color. You can find small amounts of chromium, iron and vanadium in the stone which may be responsible for its unique color. Abundant amounts of this gem have been discovered in Burma making its price per carat only about 50-60 thousand US dollars.


This expensive gem stone of 1.8 to 2 million US dollars per carat can only be found in Ratanapura, Sri Lanka and Mogok, Burma. Its main component is boron giving it a blue green or dark blue color. There are other kinds with pale yellow or grayish blue hues, but the rarest one comes in a deep dark blue color.


Considered the number one rarest gemstone by far, a jadeite can cost up to 3 million US dollars per carat. It has an important historical background dating from the existence of Mesoamerican Olmec tribes. It has several varieties like a white color with green spots, bluish green or leek green. The more pronounced the green shade is and the more bright it appears, the higher its asking price. Several have been found in Guatemala but no mining plans have been considered. Due to its attractive color, the interest and demand for this stone is high despite the price. It has not been established to be very rare, but the price is expected to go higher if it does get established.

Storage Tips for your Special Collection

The most expensive piece of jewelry in the world deserves the best treatment and maintenance. Since it will spend most of its time locked away in a safety storage room, you have to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged or tarnished. There are two things you have to provide in order to ensure that your jewelry is in a good place: space and dryness.

  • It is important to keep the storage area dry and dirt-free. You can use anti-moisture bags that absorb moisture in an enclosed space. There are also anti-tarnish strips or tape that prevent outside elements from discoloring your gold and silver jewelry. Most of them contain active charcoal which is a very effective moisture and odor absorbent.
  • Enough storage space is also needed in order to provide your jewelry optimum protection. Putting them all together in one area increases the possibility of moisture build-up. Two different metals in contact can also cause discoloration. It is best to isolate very precious items in their own moisture-free containers and then group together others made from similar materials.

If you don’t want to spend a lot in storage, you can use air tight plastic bags. Just make sure that you include a dry pack to keep moisture away from your jewelry. Moreover, you have to be conscious of the entire temperature of the room. Keep the storage area well-ventilated and clean.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whenever you wear any accessory, it will come in contact with all the dirt and chemicals that are present in your skin. Body lotion also sticks in the surface of the item together with sweat. It is important that after each use, you take the initiative to wipe any excess before you put them back to storage. You can use an alcohol-free wet wipe or a 100% cotton fabric.

If tarnishing can already be observed, you can use a soft cloth treated with a jewelry tarnish removal solution. To thoroughly clean them once or twice a month, you need to prepare hot water, soft bristle brush and mild hand or body soap. Just brush the impurities with soap and then rinse it with hot water. Make sure that you properly dry it with a clean towel before enclosing them in a box.

If you want to commission a unique jewelry that is made from precious materials like the abovementioned gem stones above, see to it that you only hire the services of a specialist. There are many guidelines in handling rare stones due to their fragile make-up. Be specific about the kind of piece you want to be made, how large it should be and how much it would cost you in total. The more specifications you provide, the closer your end product will be to your dream luxury accessory.


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