Dyed Red Hair: Methods to Look After Your Red Hair That’s Dyed

Dyed Red Hair
More and more people are becoming more conscious about getting their hair dyed, particularly when it comes to red hair. Usually, these people are the so-called “hipsters” of the San Francisco Bay Area, although more and more of them are coming from all over the United States. There are also the punk rockers from London to New York who believe that punk isn’t and will never be dead like disco is.

Regardless of why you want to get your own dyed red hair, you should know the ins and outs of using red hair dye. Before getting a hair color reminiscent of the one that Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony has, you should definitely stick to something that, at the very least, occurs in nature. It should be your transitional hair color.

Which Shade of Red Is the Best Hair Dye for You?

Dyed Red Hair
Only a small percentage of people on earth are redheads, and there are news reports claiming that they’re being wiped out as we speak. On the other hand, that refers to natural redheads, so people who want to pretend to be redheads can become redheads by simply dyeing their hair red.

With that said, what sort of redhead do you want to be? There’s orange-red hair that’s a bit on the brighter side, while on the other spectrum there’s blood red or crimson hair that’s a deeper shade of red. You can also go rose red if you wish. Just keep in mind that dyeing is not permanent and the color will eventually fade when sufficient time has passed.

Red hair is great because, like blonde hair, it reacts to light in mysterious and beautiful ways. Furthermore, it’s quite the festive addition when you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (a great contrast to all the green going on) or Christmas (since red and white are season colors).

However, it’s not so easy to get colored hair to work. Compared to other color dyes, red hair dye in particular changes color a lot quicker. Unless you’re a natural redhead, that red hair dye will quickly turn back to your natural hair color within weeks or even days, as though it has problems adhering to your hair and whatnot.

Additional preparation is called for when you want to get your hair dyed red. You can just put it on, wait a few minutes, and let it stay. You should, for example, stay away from chlorine or chlorinated water (like that found in swimming pools). It makes red hair dye hard to stay on your hair after you’ve been exposed.

Additionally, you should avoid hairspray buildup, especially if you’re the kind of fashionable woman who has to go to recurrent journeys when it comes to hair salon treatments, from mousse to hairspray. That also makes it difficult to stick to your hair.

The build-up on hair shafts, follicles, and the hair strand itself will serve as a shield against red dye. Usually, blondes have the best chances of making their hair red. It’s more difficult for brown-haired, black-haired, or any dark-haired person to get that red to stick since blonde is more of a blank canvas with less melanin to deal with.

Fortunately, as long as you have a special shampoo and conditioner around, you can prep your hair to be more receptive to red dye, whether you’re light-haired or dark-haired.

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