How Earrings for Men may not be a Horrible Choice

Long over are the days of the 80’s and 90’s where earrings on men were a symbol for homosexuality. Let us address this first. Which ear is the sign that you dabble with men? Well, lets be audacious, it does not matter. Which ear you wear an earring on does not matter, because in today’s world, masculine jewelry is about being metro – sexual. Men now should wear earrings on both of their ears. Besides the fact a single earring is dated, and can be a bit outlandish, it simply does not look good.

Now that we got that out of the way. Lets address why you should consider this type of jewelry for men. First of all, earrings on men are a bold statement. It draws attention to a man which only jewelry can do. Weather it be a necklace, earrings, or a nice watch,  it all makes a statement. This is the point of wearing them.

The choice of earrings is often to draw attention to the eyes of a man. The nest obvious question is what type of earrings to wear. The point is to make a statement. First we need to rule out most types of earrings women wear. Hoops, dangling, and colorful children jewelry are all horrible choices. Not much of a statement if your choice is met with ridicule. The obvious choice left are diamonds.

You should go with diamond studs for men. Besides looking the best, and not fitting into traps of horrible fashion, they also have the perk of accentuating well. When in doubt, look at pop culture for those who wear them. Rappers are a fantastic example of the right way to wear this type of earring. Men who gain attention from their earrings, from P Diddy to Justin Beiber, they are all fantastic examples of how to wear this type of earring. Earrings for men can be a bold, and eccentric piece of fashion for men.


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Light Gray-

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Try something new that is different to the dark navy. Choose the various kinds of blue shades, and one of them is the baby blue. The color is really thrilling but still this is a refined one. It can add some youthful flare to the look of any man. Baby blue may be combined best with any linen.


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