Is The Choice On Engagement Ring Finger Important?

Engagement Ring Finger
Before a wedding takes place, an engagement often comes first. It is an occasion that serves as an announcement that a couple is set to be married in the coming days. This is done in order to make everyone prepare for the big day to come. Ring is never absent in an engagement. This is given by couple in order to signify their love to each other. Although a couple can use anything to embody their love for each other but rings are commonly chosen to grace the occasion. There are different kinds of rings and you can choose any of it.

Placement of ring

Engagement Ring Finger
The practice of giving ring can be traced back many years ago. This has existed already but until now it is still being practiced by many people. A ring is placed on the finger but which finger is it? Traditionally, the ring is placed on the fourth left finger but there are also others who choose to place it on the fourth right finger. There are other people who believe in the effect of the choices on which finger to place it. Whether it is reality or plainly a myth, no one knows because everyone can have varying beliefs.

Does the placement of ring really matters?

Engagement Ring Finger
There are different beliefs for different people but when you try to look deeply at it, you can ask yourself whether choice on which finger to use for it really matters. Does the choice on engagement ring finger affects the entire relationship in the coming days? Or can you just have the freedom to put it on any of your five fingers? It can be but there have already been existing customs and traditions that is why, it has become a standard for most people already. The fourth finger may it be right or left is usually where most couple choose to place the ring. It is practiced by many so it becomes the standard.

It is your love that matters.

Engagement Ring Finger
For other people, they choose to conform to these rules because of their belief that each finger has different meanings. But when you contemplate on it, you will see that no matter which finger you place your ring, your love is the only thing that matters. The ring is only an accessory to have a visual representation of your love. Wherever you place it, it is in no way can affect your relationship. You will be the only one who knows the future of your relationship. The placement of the ring is not going to ruin the marriage if in case you wrongly placed it.

There are many who believe in it but you have the discretion to make thing unique for you. You have all the freedom to choose which finger you will put the engagement ring on. You can make a difference for a change on what most people usually place their rings on. What matters is that you are happy with your decision of getting married sooner.

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