The Best Ways on How to Bleach Jeans

How to Bleach Jeans
There are lots of people who are wondering on what will be the best way to clean up jeans because this needs special efforts for you to clean it up properly. Jeans are some of the best things that you can ever have for the sake of a better look and a better style. But, there are times where ordinary washing and laundry is not a good idea after all because that can ruin the color of the jeans.

It’s a good thing that there are some best ways for you to apply cleanliness for your jeans by bleaching it so that it will be perfectly clean looking. Rest assured that by doing this method, you will be able to get very clean jeans once again. Here are the ways on how to bleach jeans:

Get a Nice Solution

How to Bleach Jeans
There are some nice bleach solutions that are guaranteed to be perfect for your needs in getting your jeans done. All you need to do is to get the solution, and add some water for the most of it. If not, you can use a bleach pen so that things can be more convenient for you.

Remove Fumes

How to Bleach Jeans
Bleach solutions have fumes in it which is why you have to apply a lot of water. Be sure to remove it properly by setting up the right place. Prepare a place where you’re safe to o the cleanup. This is applicable for those who use liquid bleach solutions.

Wet it First

How to Bleach Jeans
First thing you need to do is to get the jeans wet for you to be able to properly make the jeans cleaner than before. This will process the cleaning a lot better than before. Never forget doing this because it’s a part of rinsing as well.

The Application

In order for you to properly bleach your jeans is that you must consider dabbing it with sponge because pouring the mixture right to your jeans can badly damage it due to the concentration of the chemicals. You can also use other things such as brushing to make things better as well.

Some even prefer the method of dropping the bleach on some areas of the jeans in order to clean up the other sports of the fabric. Apply this one side at a time, and ever consider rushing for the best results.


As said earlier, wetting the bleach is known to be part of the rinsing process. Apply water on the bleach once again after cleaning it, and leave it for 5 minutes. This will guarantee you a clean way to remove the dirt off your jeans. After this, you can start by scrubbing it off, or just by using a washing machine to completely clean it.

By following this, and the other methods mentioned for cleaning up your jeans properly, you will be able to get the perfect results that you need for a better way to make you more stylish, and for you to learn how to take care of your jeans in a proper way.

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