How to buy Handcrafted Silver Jewelry Online

If you were to ask a woman what a timeless beautiful piece of jewelry was, you would most often get one of two answers: Gold or Silver. What has taken center stage in purchasing jewelry is the fact that something unique, and stunning is vastly more important that any other factor now. Thins rings true if you are looking to pop the question with a stunning engagement ring or add an elegant item to your jewelry box, you need to be careful when choosing what pieces of Silver Jewelry to buy. With some careful tips, you can easily find a great piece of jewelry which will be timeless. Aside from retaining value, it will always be a stunning conversation starter when you wear it. Elegance is more importance than cost.

First and foremost, when it comes to being timeless, you want to pick carefully when you pick Silver. You want to invest in quality, invest in the real thing. Genuine silver is far more important.  Sterling Silver jewelry is beyond stunning, but only if it’s real silver. If you select a piece of jewelry which is not genuine, you run the risk of depreciation, the piece damaging in the future, or it losing the luster over time. If you do not pick the right piece, you always run the risk of something happening to the piece.

You also run the risk of allergic allergies or damage when it comes into contact with specific chemicals. Not even Silver plated holds up to the test of time as well. You need to pick something which is real, other wise, it ultimately it will come to bite you in the butt.  When selecting you need certified silver from an online seller or a reputable third party vendor. For general silver, you want a quality at 0.925 silver. Any less it runs the risk of facing the same issues as plated or coated pieces. Furthermore, fine silver should rate at .999 pure silver. Any less is not pure silver, and you are getting scammed. Always second guess the seller and test it out.

You then need to find a source you can trust. Once you test a piece or two from a seller, you can trust them. Hints to find some one who is genuine, you will want to ensure you pick someone who is not a fly by night seller. No fast built website, no informercial style advertisement. You want someone will a reputable name, and is hand crafted. Hand crafted is the ultimately the top line of quality. You want to get something from someone who takes pride in what they do and also makes each piece unique.  You want someone who has been making jewelry for at least a few years, and has good online ratings. If they lack this, move on. Someone who takes pride in their work would not make false claims and let the work speak for themselves.

You should pick a piece that is exactly unique and customer to your desire. If you do not you are wasting money. You want something one of a kind. It does not matter if it is a piece of jewelry which is to be an engagement ring or if it is a piece that is designed to be a stunning necklace, you want something that is unique and one of a kind. If not, you will one day find another piece which is like it pop up later on. One of the huge things which you are looking for in a traditional an engagement ring is something which is breath taking and one of a kind, that no one will have another of. Take this philosophy into picking any piece of silver. You do not want something which a website has hundreds for sale, or even dozens. You want your own crafted piece of jewelry.

You also need to pick your stones well. Many sellers will over polish, or use heat to alter the look of stones. Some vendors will use a setting to hide imperfections in a diamond to make it appear more pure. You need to take caution and carefully inspect your pieces and the components. If you have a piece made of high quality silver, picking an inferior, or worse accepting an inferior stone in a piece of jewelry can ruin the item all together. The quality of the stone is just as important as the quality of the silver.

If you follow these guidelines you will end of with a stunning piece of handcrafted silver jewelry or if you are crafty, a piece of handmade silver jewelry which stands the test of time which is stunning, and is a real head turner in its own right.

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