How to Contour Your Face Using Your Makeup

Contouring for Makeup

How to Contour Your Face
A lot of celebrities contour their face. It gives a slimmer face illusion, especially if you do this properly. One of the famous people who contour her face is Kim Kardashian.

Fortunately, you don’t need an airbrush or become a professional makeup artist for you to contour your face. You just need your makeup brush, your bronzer or a three shade darker compact powder and your highlighter.

How to Contour Your Face and Make It Look Slimmer

How to Contour Your Face
To start contouring your face, you need to clean your face first by applying cleanser and moisturizer. Apply a primer and foundation to give a smooth look. If you have red spots or acne, use a concealer to hide all those impurities. Blend them properly until it is absorbed by your skin. Apply a powder to remove oil on your face.

With the use of your bronzer brush, create an E or a 3 on the sides of your face. Start from the temple then curve the brush under your cheekbone and down to your jawline. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of your face. Don’t forget to put a bronzer on your neck to give a slimmer look. Blend the bronzer properly until it leaves no marks that you have applied a bronzer.

How to Shape Your Nose

How to Contour Your Face
Not only can your face be contoured, but your nose as well. To make your nose long, you need to dab your eye shadow brush on your bronzer. Apply it on the sides and on the tip of your nose. Blend the sides with a clean brush. It will make an illusion that your nose is already pointed without undergoing a surgery.

The Use of Highlight

How to Contour Your Face
The last part is highlight. Highlights give shine to your face. But it also makes your face slimmer since it contrasts the color of your bronzer. Without a highlighter, the look you want to get won’t be achieved.
There are different kinds of highlight. It comes in a form of liquid, cream and powder. Choose a highlighter that gives you confidence when you apply the product on your face. If you are going to use a powder highlighter, clean the bronzer brush and dab it on the highlighter. Apply the powder on top of the cheekbones, on the center of your forehead and nose and on your cupid’s bow.

If you are using a liquid or cream based highlighter, repeat the same instructions and blend the highlighter using your fingers. If you want to make the effect last longer, apply a cream first then apply the powder highlighter on top of the cream highlighter.

So these are the things and strategies that you must do when contouring your face. With contouring, you will have a slimmer face without undergoing a surgery or any diet plan. You just need to apply a makeup on your face and you will have a slimmer look. If you haven’t tried it yet, go and practice contouring your face until you get the illusion of a slimmer face.


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