Why to buy Imitation Diamonds and Moissanite

If you have ever looked at buying diamonds before odds are you have found a plethora of knock off style stones. From Cubic Zicornia to Moissanite. When selecting a stone to replicate a diamond their are several things to take into account. First we have Cubic Zicornia. These stones tend to look more like glass than diamonds. Looking too flawless and having the clarity of glass. They are visually different to the human eye, which means people will know you got a knock off. Not in a good way, like with Moissanite.

It is impossible to tell the difference between Moissanite and Diamond. In  fact they are nearly identical. Well, this is not true, per se, Moissanite appears to be a nearly flawless diamond of great quality.  Scientists have created Moissanite to be superior to Diamonds in many ways. From the way it reflect slight to have superior brilliance to unique cuts which makes the diamond to appear like an extremely high priced Diamond.

Diamonds are expensive due to a market designed to make an extremely inexpensive yet beautiful object expensive. This is created by manufactured conflict where Diamonds are mined, limited mining, and various other factors. The fact is, Diamonds should be very inexpensive, yet due to the efforts of the Diamond community, they are hyper inflated in cost. You add in the human rights violations, and you have a dangerous mix.

This is number two to why Moissanite is a superior option to Diamond. For a fraction of the price you get a stone nearly identical to Diamond with the exception of it being a high quality brilliant Diamond. Fraction of the cost means it is often less then a quarter of the cost of a Diamond of far less brilliance. You then add in the fact the insurance price to cover a Diamond, which means for the life time of the stone you save money.

But the most important fact of of Moissanite is that is looks like an extremely brilliant Diamond, of extreme clarity. It is an attention grabber and easily will fool anyone who sees your stone. Which is the point. The market of Imitation Diamonds is filled with a plethora of options. Moissante is the pack leader.

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