How are Pearls Made

  • How are they made?

Have you ever got jewelry? Are you lady? Yes there are so many designs available in the market, some jewelries are costly and some of low price for example, rare stones as well as more common ones, like gold and silver. These minerals come from yawning within the ground; they are mined and then transferred to a facility that specializes in polishing, shaping and cleaning these minerals until they are shiny and very attractive. In the case of a pearl, this is not the case. The procedure that takes place when a pearl is created is a lot more sophisticated and amusing. There are a few life forms that are able to create a pearl, but maybe an Oyster is the best example when it comes to explaining how this procedure takes place. While the Oyster is feeding or just floating around, bacteria, piece of food or even a grain of sand can enter its inner shell, and this will cause an irritating feeling for the host. Of course, as it is not able to reach and just remove the irritant, it starts to code it with a substance called Nacre. It is made out of the same material as the outer shell of an Oyster, but a lot shinier and better looking. The host is going to put layer after layer on top of the thing that is irritating them, trying to remove the “itch” this way. This procedure can take up to a year, to fully create a pearl that we like to decorate our jewelry with.

  • The second step

Of course when you ask “How are pearls made” the answer is not only in the life forms that are able to create them. After the pearl has been removed from the Oyster or other place, they are transferred to a facility that starts to work on them, polishing as well as creating holes in them. The reason why this is important is because pearls that naturally occur are not all round and flawless. They need to be worked on before they can be put onto a necklace or other type of jewelry.

  • Learn more about How are pearls made

There are many great sources that will tell you even more about the magnificent and extraordinary technique that is used to create these beautiful jewelry pieces. Of course not all pearls are real and there are a lot that look like real ones, but in fact are fakes. You need to first learn How are pearls madeand only then will you be able to learn everything else that you need to know about them.


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