The Fashionable Platform Boots that can make you stand out

Platform Boots
Fashion trends evolve from the past. Some of its modern designs are incorporated with traditional and classic designs that make the fashions unique and appealing. These fashions include the shoes and the apparels. Shoes are most sought and bought by people. Both men and women love to have different styles of shoes. This is because of its use that can protect your feet as well as make you fashionable.

A type of shoe that can be trendy, traditional and useful is a boot. Boots are made from different materials such as rubber, leather, and skin of animals such as snake, ostriches, alligators, and elephant, among others. These can be used for protecting your feet from mud, snow or water, among others. At different perspective some style of boots can also be used for fashion. You will definitely be a stand out when you wear an elegant and stylish boots. There are different kinds of boots that you can use. And these vary according to their designs and uses.

The Types of Boots

Platform Boots
The types of boots are the waterproof gumboots that can prevent the mud, snow, dirt, and water from entering the boots. These are also insulated for warmth. Other type of boots is the specialty boots that can protect the workers from chemical exposure. These are also referred to as work boots that are made from leather. The specialty boots are designed for different sports such as snowboarding, skiing, riding and ice-skating, among others.

The types of boots that can be an accent to your outfit are the fashionable boots. These become very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Among them are the platform boots. These are also simply called platforms or disco boots.

The Features of Platforms

Platform Boots
Platforms or disco boots are similar to platform shoes that have thick wedge soles or have high heels. These can be combined with thick soles. The disco boots become very popular during the 1970s in United Kingdom. And these are worn by women and men.

Many celebrities wear these types of boots. Among them are Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Steve Nicks from the Fleetwood Mac, the band Kiss, Lenny Kravitz and Marilyn Mason, among others. These entertainers made the platforms famous and very appealing to other people. It becomes a fashion statement every now and then. The platforms are still visible and quite trendy in the 20th century.

Non-celebrities also wear these boots especially in occasions. These boots make them stand out from the rest and very presentable to look at. There are many manufacturers of platforms nowadays. And they are sold in the market. You can even buy them in some online store and can choose from the variety of stylish and fashionable platforms. It is also advisable that you choose the one that suits your taste or can really fit you. The price rate also varies depending on the designs and the materials it is made of. You can also have best buy of platforms in some online stores that offer them at discounted price.


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