The Top Rihanna Fashion Offerings You Can Buy to Look Just like Her

Rihanna Fashion
If you love everything about Rihanna, then it’s a must that you emulate her fashion sense. As per usual with any starlet, Rihanna’s fashion sense is sweeping the nation. Back in the day, it was Jennifer Aniston’s hairdo or the likes of Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair that everyone emulated. As recently as last decade, everyone was all about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

When it comes to Rihanna and rihanna fashion, you should strive for a more daring look, since she’s a bold and independent kind of woman herself. On the New York Fashion Week of 2014, that’s the perfect time for you to scope out the kind of fashion sense Rihanna has. She wore quite a lot of outfits for the event that truly captured her beauty and panache.

There’s Something about Rihanna

Rihanna Fashion
Rihanna isn’t only known for her pipes, she’s also known for her exotic beauty, perfect brown skin, and luscious lips. To highlight that beauty, she has some of the best fashion wardrobes around, some daring others simply divine.

For example, she looked absolutely stunning in her Adam Selman Baby Doll Dress, which was one of the fashion police’s favorites because of its cute and innocent appeal. At the same time, it has a modern edge to it, with her white, airy dress with a White Silver Christian Louboutin SS15 Collection. Words aren’t enough to convey the innocent determination found in such an impactful outfit that’s accentuated with a custom-studded River Island jacket.

Rihanna shows she makes for a wondrous print model as well because of her Alexander Wang Navy Blue Jacket… and nothing else. She’s one of the few people to be able to pull it off without going overboard. This ebony goddess strutted out with the Alexander Wang jacket that comes complete with a pair of red, wedged heels fit for a queen. She also previewed items that will be present in Wang’s Spring 2015 Show, serving as the model for the brand at that point. Other people that will come in the upcoming event should include several other Rihanna contemporaries like Nicki Minaj.

With another Alexander Wang classic, Rihanna dazzled audiences with Crop Top and Grey Stretch Pants. It sounds rather plain of an outfit, but when Rihanna wears it, it becomes something else. It helps that she has a svelte figure and a pretty face, of course. It came out looking like sportswear, but it’s a great fresh and new look, especially when paired with white New Balance Shoes. This is an unreleased outfit, so it can be considered a Rihanna original until avid Rihanna fans decide to duplicate it with the help of tailors and customization requests.

Even trousers and a shirt from the SS15 Collection is enough to make Rihanna dazzle. Perhaps she’s one of the few people out there who could look good on anything. Then again, sometimes it’s the girl that makes the outfit instead of the other way around. The ensemble is actually part of the EDUN Fashion Show, and it thusly showcased things you wouldn’t normally see in a discounted trouser and shirt outfit, such as a Jacquie Aiche body chain, Jennifer Fisher choker, and a sense of maturity, sophistication, and proper grooming.

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