Does Suit Jacket Differ From Blazer?

Many people cannot understand the difference between suits and blazers and here, some differences are shown to give clear idea.

Suit jacket-

The men’s linen suit jacket or the jacket of any other fabric includes the trousers. The trousers and suit jacket trousers are generally of same fabric. The suit jackets have no decorative pockets or additional details. Though some of the suits have stripes, still it is better to keep away from the busy patterns.

Blazer –

It has the looser fit than that of the suits. They are much structured particularly in the part near shoulder. The Italian blazer of Italian has more comfortable design. Commonly, the fabrics applied in the blazers are hopsack and flannel. Though most of them are blue, there are also red and green blazers. Grey trousers or darker jeans may be combined with blazer.

These differences will help you to buy any of these two outfits.

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