Suits Right For Slim And Fat Men

If you are too slim or too chunky, you perhaps like to adjust your look while wearing a suit. Obviously, there are some ways of choosing the suits for these two kinds of men.

Tips for slender men-

  • In terms of fabric they should follow the opposite advice for the bulkier men.
  • Skinny men must go for heavyweight materials, like worsted wool. It may provide them with the fuller look. In terms of shades, they have to prefer the lighter ones.

Guide for bulky men-

  • Choose a lightweight material because those manufactured from heavy fabrics may increase the weight. The men’s linen suit may be the good option.
  • Choose darker colors because the lighter ones, like cream or white may make you appear much healthier.
  • Solid work on the suits or the stripes may also make you look slim, while flashy patterns prove is the wrong choice for you.

Thus, buy the suit, in accordance with the instructions.

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