How to tell if Pearls are Real

  • Why should you want to know this?

There are many people around the world who want to know How to tell if pearls are real for a variety of reasons. This can be because they wish to work as pearl salespersons or just because they are pearl enthusiasts and they wish to learn more about these magnificent pieces of jewelry. Of course there are also people who have gotten these nice minerals as a gift and they wish to know if they are real or if they are fake. There is a plethora of ways that you can do this, and you are going to be able to read about some of the most famous techniques that professionals use to determine the legitimacy of a jewel or strain of pearls.

  • Simple ways to know How to tell if pearls are real

There are a few very simple and easy methods that you can do alone at home, that will help you determine if a pearl is fake or not. The easiest method is taking a closer look at the pearls in good lighting and through a magnifying glass or other equipment that will allow you to inspect each pearl at a closer level. You will want to look for flaws in the pearls. Almost all, even the highest quality pearls have some kind of a flaw and they are not perfect, as they are not made, but rather found in the nature, and nothing is identical in nature. If you look at a strain of pearls and all of them are identical and perfect, most of the time they are not real pearls. Of course manufacturers try to make them look alike, but they are never able to achieve perfection, and they don’t even need to. The other great way to determine if a pearl is real is by holding the whole necklace or other jewelry in your hand. Real pearls will have a nice weight to them, and on the other hand, fake ones will be light as they are made from plastic or other material. Checking the holes on the pearls is also a good way to see if they are real.

  • The best way!

Even though you are able to determine 90% of the time if you are holding a real pearl necklace or a fake one, the best method on How to tell if pearls are realis to actually send it to a laboratory that specializes in analyzing the jewel. This will ensure that you know for sure.

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