The Age of Titanium Rings for Men

We are not talking about some new age space metal used to make claws for the Wolverine in the next X – Man movie. We are talking about an extremely strong, durable and resistant metal which has taken the men’s jewelry world by storm (No pun intended). The truth is, Titanium is a truly affordable alternative to men’s jewelry. From clever bracelets and necklaces at a fraction of the cost of Silver or Gold, Titanium offers something of value for a great price which gets the job done.  Let us explore the perks of Titanium Rings for Men.

Titanium has some draw backs to its value is that alone, titanium is not particularly strong. It actually can be quite brittle. Yet it still is taking the jewelry world by storm. Why? The reason for this is a composite. Titanium is used to make an alloy which is used by NASA to make space ships. Sounds cool? Well, it is. When you mix Titanium (The metal, not the catchy song Sia) with Aluminum and Vanadium you get an alloy which is extremely strong, light weight, and attractive. It has incredible resistance to heat, cold, and damage. It becomes heard to break, fracture, or bend. This has its appeal as a piece of men’s jewelry.

Take a look at what manly men do. Grizzly bear like lumber jacks, factory works who bust their back daily, or even the weekend warrior who needs to build his kids a play house with confusing directions on the weekend. Odds are, with gold or silver, you will scuff, damage, or dent a traditional ring. The tradition men’s ring is also heavy, and often a burden on the wearer which causes a man to take the ring off. This defeats the purpose of a man wearing a wedding ring, no? A man can take it off at the first sign of work, or you can have something which is not expensive is something happens, and will also stay strong if you do get it into a situation which will damage it.

This makes such a ring ideal for a wedding ring. It is strong, attractive, and durable. It should last as long as your relationship does. Hopefully that is your entire life. The beauty of Titanium is that is will last for ever, be strong, be light weight, and be resistant to scratches and damage. This gives Titanium a clear advantage for any handy man. As I can attest, Gold and Silver will scuff and dent which will make them ugly over time and require a plethora of work to keep in good condition. For most men, they will not do the regular upkeep or cleaning a woman would, unfortunately.

Titanium is an extreme value as well. You could very easily purchase a dozen Titanium rings for the cost of one cheap, and I mean cheap, Silver or Gold Ring, which will not hold the test of time as well.You should consider Titanium rings for men.


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