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Best Mens Linen Suits
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When it comes to suits, the situation is simple. The more expensive suits are the best. However, when it comes to the materials, used in the manufacturing process, the situation is completely different. A suit may have the same price tag, but it will be made from different materials. In order to get the best suit, you should know all about the material. Keep in mind that some suits look perfect and they are made from high-quality materials, but they cannot offer the cooling effect, so they are not a wise choice for men who live in area with higher temperatures.


Why you should choose linen suits

Linen suits are definitely a reasonable choice. The material is perfect for hot weather, due to the fact it offers freshness and it will keep the body temperature low. On the other side, the price of these suits isn’t very high, so they are affordable. Despite the price, most products offer the highest level of quality, so they are a great choice for businessmen.

Due to the fact linen suits look modern, they have countless advantages, compared with ordinary suit, they are a common choice of celebrities as well. Thanks to the aforementioned cooling feature, these suits are the only choice for men who live in areas where the temperatures are high, but they must look elegant. Even better, they come in many different colors and designs, so you can always get a suit that you like. Also, they can be tailored especially for you. Most tailors recommend linen as the first choice when it comes to suit material.


When choosing your new suit, there are many things that should be taken into account. The most important fact, with all suits is the material. However, you already know that it is made from this great material, so all the rest is a matter of taste. On the other side, the design is different, so you should get a suit that will look perfect on you.

Linen has been used by people since 8.000 BC across the planet. First discoveries have proved that linen was used in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Latest discoveries suggest that it was used in Switzerland and Ireland. It had and still has numerous applications. Beside suits, it has been used in the production of bags, scarfs, towels and etc.

Factors to consider


The first and the most important factor you should consider is a place where you live. Keep in mind that linen suits are designed for areas with warmer climate conditions. They are not a wise choice during the autumn or winter. On the other side, during the spring and summer, they are the best suits you can get. They are light, look great and they won’t cause you to sweat.


Men’s linen suits are extremely popular nowadays, so if you like following the latest trends, these suits are the best choice. There are a lot of different suits on the market, so you can always get the one you like. An interesting fact is that these suits can be easily paired with the rest of your clothes, so you will look amazing and impress your business partners.

The price

The price is definitely something you should take into account. Although, suits made from linen are generally affordable, there are some cheaper and more expensive models. There is no ideal price for these suits, due to the fact they are made by different manufacturers, for different purposes and they are sold at different locations. However, one rule suggests that suits under $100 aren’t a great choice. The level of quality isn’t at the highest level and these suits look too ordinary. A good thing is that for $120-$150 you can get an amazing suit made from linen.


Country of origin

The country of origin is probably one of the most important factors. As you may know, there are a lot of countries that make linen suits for men. Sadly, not all countries make the suits on the same way, so there are a lot of difference. The best countries for making these suits are: Italy, Ireland and China. Suits made in Ireland are well-known for thicker material, so they are heavier than those made in Italy or China. This also means that they are heavier, and they are treated as some of the best. On the other side, suits made in Italy offer the best and the latest design. They are a common choice for individuals who want the latest perfection. At last, China makes affordable suits from linen, but they offer a great combination of price and design. An unwritten rule is that you cannot make a mistake by choosing a linen suit made in China.

Last long

These suits last longer than suits made from other materials. This is also a huge advantage of the linen material. Even better, they can be worn when the humidity is high, so it is a great choice if you live in those areas. Despite this fact their price isn’t higher than suits made from other materials have. That’s why it is a wise choice to buy an expensive linen suit, simply because it will last long and it will look amazing as long you use it.


These suits are elegant and stylish. They can make you look amazing no matter when and where you are wearing them. Thanks to this ability, linen suits are the best choice for businessmen who want to impress their business partners and investors. They are also well-known for the fact they look much better than more expensive suits, but they cost way less. This is a useful trick, if you are trying to impress your business partners. On the other side, they can be worn every day, if wearing a suit makes you feel great.


Washing your linen suit

A common mistake, is that these suits can be washed in a washing machine. The truth is completely different. They cannot be washed in a washing machine, so the only way to clean them is dry cleaning. This applies to all suits made from linen. Washing them in a washing machine can damage the material and ruin the entire suit, so it is recommended not to clean them on this way. On the other side, they can be hand washed. Soft water, without strong chemicals can make these suits softer and they will look even better.

Storing the suit

These suits must be hanged. This is the only way they can be stored, so make sure you have enough room for them. If you store them like regular clothes, wrinkles will appear and your suit will be ruined. Keep in mind that this problem cannot be solved, so you should store them properly.


Choosing a desired color is an important part of choosing your suit. Black linen suits are treated as the safest option. You will look amazing no matter where you are. However, you will look the same like other people, due to the fact most people choose this color. If you want to look special, this isn’t a right choice. However, white suits are a much better alternative. They will make you look interesting and completely different than other people around you. That’s why, white linen suit is treated as the best way to stand out of the crowd. In addition, all suits are made in the same way and all colors are resistant, so it doesn’t affect on the quality of a suit.


Comfort isn’t the last factor you should take into account. Some suits look amazing and they offer great features, but they are not comfortable. This makes them the worst possible choice. Keep in mind that when choosing your suit, it has to be comfortable. After all, you are going to wear it for at least several hours per day, so you want to feel comfortable. A good thing is that most suits made from linen are very comfortable due to the fact they are light and enable to the skin to breathe.

Where you will wear your linen suit

Suits made from linen are the most common alternative to cotton and wool, so they are very popular. However, they are very easy to ruin as well. These suits aren’t resistant to stains and most stains will stay there forever. This means that if you wear them in some areas where you can get a stain on them, these suits aren’t the best choice. Even the smallest stain can ruin your suit so you will have to replace them.



Stitching is another, an important factor you should consider when you are buying your suit. The glued stitching isn’t a choice, simply because it will fail after one year, and your suit will have to be repaired. On the other side, hand stitching suits are a much better choice, but only if their price is high. Those suits that are affordable and offer hand stitching should be avoided, simply because there are a lot of mistakes in the stitching process. The best choices are those suits with machine stitching. The risk of mistakes is very low and they look amazing and even. In addition, they are more affordable than suits with hand stitching.

Single or double breasted suits

Choosing a single or double breasted suits may be the most complicated factor to consider. In general, single breasted suit has 2-3 buttons, but double breasted suits have four or six buttons. Keep in mind that double breasted suits are treated as more formal suits, so they are a perfect choice for businessmen or people who have jobs that require wearing suits. On the other side single breasted suits are more affordable and they are considered as less formal suits, so they can be worn on any occasion.


Tailored suits

Should you get a tailored suit? This is a very common question. The answer is very simple. If you want to have a linen suit that is made especially for you and you are ready to pay for it, you should get a tailored suit. Keep in mind that a tailored suits is good as the tailor who made it. However, if you can find ordinary suit, made from linen that look perfect on you, there is no reason to get a tailored suit. Both of them offer the same advantages and features, so you will save money and get a great suit.

The look of the suit

The look of the suit is important simply because it is the first thing you and people around you are going to see. This makes it incredibly important, when choosing your brand new suit. Although, there are a lot of different models on the market, they can be divided as modern and classic suits. Modern suits are perfect for younger individuals, due to the fact they make the look more experienced and stylish. On the other side, classic suits have a positive effect on charm, so they are the best choice for older people. However, there are no rulers, so you can get the suit you like. A useful trick is to get a classic suit if you want to improve your charm. A modern suit will make you more confident and stylish.


Bianco B Men’s Linen Suit Modern Fit


This is a great business suit. It looks amazing and it has a modern design, so it is a great choice for people who follow the latest trends.At this moment, it is the most popular men’s linen suit on the market. Keep in mind that it has been made 100% from linen, so it offers all advantages this material has to offer. Most owners claim that it is one of the best suits you can get, simply because it offers high-quality but it is affordable and it looks nice. There are no issues with it, so it is treated as the wisest choice. On the other side, it comes with great features, it is beautifully made and it looks amazing no matter where you are wearing it.

This suit is a common choice of businessmen who want to look like they are wearing an extremely important suit. It is a useful trick most of them use.


  • This is a single breasted suit (it has 2 buttons) so it is treated as less formal. This fact makes it a perfect choice for elegant parties or spending time with your friends.
  • It is very comfortable. The material is light and at won’t cause you to sweat, so it is perfect for warmer months.
  • The range of colors is big. There are 8, different colors and all of them are resistant and durable. This means that this suit can be used for a long time.
  • Made in Italy, but from Irish linen makes it unique. The material is thicker than ordinary linen suits, so this suit is a bit heavier. However, it is also more resistant to wrinkles and damages.
  • It fits as expected to almost every person who ever bought it. Simply said, there are high chances it will fit you perfectly.
  • The flat front pants look amazing as well.
  • Commonly chosen by grooms and people attending weddings.
  • The jacket has 2 side vents.




    • The price is more affordable than you can imagine, despite the fact it is a high-quality suit, made in Italy.
    • It is soft and pleasant to wear.
    • 8 different colors offer a high level of possible choices. Perfect for individuals who want to look unique.
    • Made completely from linen. No other materials were used in the manufacturing process.
    • It is thicker than most linen suits
    • The stitching is done by hand, so it looks better and far more expensive than it actually is.
    • A great way to impress your business partners.
    • Perfect choice for warmer months.
    • Looks more expensive than it actually is


  • Must be dry cleaned. Washing it in a washing machine can ruin the suit.
  • Must be hanged, due to the fact conventional storing can damage the fabric.



Calvin Klein Men’s Majestic White Linen Suit


Men’s white linen suit is used to describe the person who wears it as unique and capable of standing out of the crowd. This suit is the best way to achieve this. It is extremely elegant and completely different than most suits made from linen or even wool and cotton. The color is bright and it makes this suit look absolutely stunning. On the other side, the color is resistant to lighter stains and dirt, so this suit can stay completely white for a longer period of time. The level of quality is at the highest level. Despite the fact it has been made in China, this model is more expensive than models from the same class. It is easy to understand why, if you pay attention to the details and features it has. It is treated as one of the best linen suits on the market and it is extremely popular. However, it isn’t just the color that makes this suit perfect. It has a lot of features and pros. On the other side, the list of cons is a very short one. Simply said, this suit is a wise choice.


  • Made entirely from linen. No other materials were used in production. This means that it is very light and offers the cooling effect.
  • Comfort is very good, so this suit is a perfect choice of people who are going to wear it at least several hours per day.
  • The jacket comes with chest and front pocket, so it is more practical than most models on the market.
  • Pants have top pockets.
  • The stitching is carefully done, so there are no mistakes nor other issues.
  • This suit is a perfect choice for weddings. That’s why it is very popular by the grooms.
  • It looks even better with white tie and white shirts.
  • Dry cleaning is the best way to clean this suit. It won’t damage the fabric or the colors.
  • The style is the latest, so it is a great choice for individuals who must have the latest fashion items.
  • Must be the top choice of men who are living in coastal cities. This is possible thanks to the fact it reduces the body temperature and allows to the skin to breath. This is a unique feature of the linen material.



  • The look of this suit is one of the best you can get. It looks elegant, modern and can make you be noticed no matter where you are.
  • The price is very low, if you take into account the design, features and the quality of the suit. It looks a lot more expensive.
  • The color is very resistant, so despite it is white, this suit will look like new for a longer period of time.
  • Can make you look great.
  • Very comfortable. It has been designed especially for people who are going to wear it the entire day.
  • Has several pockets. Great for practicality.
  • Perfect choice for young and elderly people.
  • Lightweight, so it is easy to wear it.
  • Highly resistant to wrinkles and stains. However, it must be hanged in your closet. Ordinary storing can damage the fabric.


  • Washing it in a washing machine can damage the materials. The only way it can be washed in hand washing or dry cleaning.
  • Although it is light, the material seems too thin.


Best Mens Linen Suits
Best Mens Linen Suit User Review Number of Reviews
4.5 / 5 Stars 5
4.5 / 5 Stars 32

When it comes to choosing your next suit, you have a lot of possible choices. The first and the most important fact is the fabric of the suit. Cotton and wool suits are more popular, but they are far more expensive and they cannot be worn during hot days, simply because they will make you sweat all the time. On the other side, linen suits are lightweight, modern, elegant and more affordable that cotton and wool rivals. These suits are the most common choice of today, and they definitely should be on your list. The best part, there are a lot of different models on the market. Keep in mind that all of them have similar features and offer great advantages at a low price.



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