The Most Expensive Jewelry in the World: Magnificent and Gorgeous Jewelleries

Jewelleries are very popular all over the world because it can enhance the beauty of the beholder. Jewelleries come in different sizes and shapes that will surely match on your attention. It can be a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings and more. There are different forms of jewelleries like plastic, steel and gold.

Did you know that ancient people love collecting gold jewelleries? According to a study, ancient people especially women believed that gold jewelleries can make them fabulous and gorgeous in front of the crowd. Today, people are practical; they want to save money as much as possible. There are some people who can’t afford to buy gold jewelleries; it is the reason why they chose steel or plastic jewelleries. But you must not forget that the best jewelleries are gold because it can last for several decades.

Proper Storing of Your Jewellery

Jewelleries are very especial because sometimes it hold sentimental value or monetary. Do you have any idea on how is the proper taking care of jewellery? There are different factors that you must consider in order to preserve the beauty and good quality of your jewelleries. People must learn when not to wear their jewelleries.

Some people never take their jewellery off because of its sentimental value but they don’t even know that it will be the main cause of damages. There are a lot of daily activities at home that can destroy and damage your precious jewellery.

People who love gardening must avoid wearing jewellery because it is one of the easiest ways to lose or chip precious stones and it can also give marks and scratches on your jewellery. People should never wear any jewellery during household cleaning because there are many cleaning solutions that contain extreme chemicals and it can cause discoloration on their precious metals or gems.

It is advisable to avoid wearing jewellery during swimming because the chlorine can extremely damaged different types of jewelleries. Gold is a soft metal that can easily damaged by chemicals. Chlorine can tarnish your gold and it can also polish off the settings of precious stones. It is also important to take off jewelleries before you sleep. People are unconscious when they sleep and they might deform jewelleries while sleeping.

The Best Jewellery

There are a lot of expensive and magnificent pieces of jewellery across the globe but only few are considered as the most famous of all time. The Faberge Easter Eggs are very popular in Russia and it was collected by different socialites in 19th century. These handcraft products were produced by the House of Faberge.

The most famous Faberge eggs were made for Czarina Maria Fedorovna and Caesar Alexander III’s wife. Faberge Easter eggs are considered as the most precious gift for royalties. These eggs have interesting and fabulous exterior designs and it is full of jewelled surprises.

The collections of the Maharajahs are considered as one of the most expensive jewelry in the world. According to historians, the maharajahs in India are very passionate when it comes to collecting different pieces of jewelleries. During  1570, they were very eager to collect the most precious gold jewelleries in fact they have conducted a lot of mining activities because India is one of the most prolific gold mines in the world.

In this generation, most of the jewel collectors are very familiar in Queen Elizabeth II’s Godman Necklace. Royal Queen Elizabeth was known for wearing precious jewellery in different events or occasions in Buckingham Palace and various State visits. One of her magnificent jewelleries is Godman Necklace that was given by the daughter of Frederick Du Cann. This necklace contains different kinds of emeralds and diamonds that will surely catch the attention of all people. It sparkles during night and best for flower motif.

Elizabeth Taylor is known for auctioning her precious jewelry. One of her best jewelries is the Taylor-Burton Diamond. It is a 69. 42 carat pear shaped stone that can really hook your interest. It has an attractive and fabulous appearance. She wore this stone in different prestigious occasions of all times like Princess Grace Birthday party in Monaco. The current cost of this jewelry is 3.5 million dollars. Taylor sold this precious stone and funded different charities when she got divorced.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

There are some people who just simply put their gold jewelry in random boxes, drawers and countertops. You must avoid this activity because it may cause damages on your jewelry. If you really want to keep safe your jewelry, you must purchase a jewelry storage or box. It can gently handle your jewellery for a long period of time. If you don’t want to buy this storage you can use a jewelry organizer. It can help you to organize and keep different kinds of jewelry.

People must not forget to clean their jewelry. Cleaning this stuff is very simple and easy, you just have to soak the jewelry in warm water and wash with a mild liquid soap. Some people are still believed in using natural home remedies when it comes to cleaning the jewelry. According to them you can use boiling water, toothpaste, ammonia and polishing solutions in cleaning the jewelry. Cleaning the jewelry is very important because it can bring back the sparkle and shine of different stones.

Jewelry is very important in different events and occasions like prom, parties and more because it can give additional beauty on your physical appearance. Jewelry can also help you to become more professional in front of the crowd.

If you want to buy your own gold jewelry, make sure to choose a reliable shop. You can also try searching in the internet because there are some people who are selling their jewelry in the e-market. If you really want to buy the best jewelry, make sure that you have enough knowledge about this stuff. Professional jeweller can help you to identify the best jewelry that has a good quality.

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In most of the cases, cufflinks are put on with formal suits or tuxedos. However, they are worn during many occasions.

  • Significant corporate seminar may be the best moment for wearing cufflinks. Such pieces will assist you to be prominent in crowd and offer a professional appearance.
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While putting on cufflinks along with suits, you must to combine these with double cuffs. After buying the shirt, you may put the accessory through a hole. There is no definite rule for using cufflinks. Still, these tips will help you.

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