Where should you wear leggings?

  • Why is this important?

Leggings are considered an accessory that you wear under a longer shirt, tunic or even a dress. You can also wear them under your pants for that extra warmth that they give you. It is also very much acceptable to wear them to the gym when you want to work out, or just when you are around your house or with your partner and you wish to feel comfortable. The problem with leggings is that if they are not worn with something they are going to show everything that you got going on down there. Not only that your butt is going to show as well as your cheeks, but even your front side as well. This might be considered sexy for some people, but it is not something that you want to do on a daily basis when you go out in public. Not everybody has to see everything, and you should leave some things to the imagination or for a special time. Of course, I am not saying that you should never wear them, but rather that you should choose carefully what you wear them with. If a longer shirt or other type of upper body clothing covers up your private parts, it is fine. You might feel cold, but if you are okay with that you can wear them to your heart’s content, but you need to remember, leggings are not pants.

  • Acceptable places to wear them

Of course you want everyone to see the beautiful booty that you have, but this might not be acceptable by today’s standards. Not only that other people will look at your weirdly for showing off your goods, but if you choose to wear them to work or school, you might even get in trouble as there are many places that do not tolerate overly showy clothing. The thing that you need to learn is that leggings are not pants. It is very good to wear them with some other things, but not on their own.

  • Find more information on this subject

There are a plethora of videos as well as articles that go deeper into this subject, telling the viewers or readers about why it is not acceptable or why it does not look good on people. You can easily find the answers that you are looking for by researching as well as reading more about what you wish to learn. Once you learn that leggings are not pants and you start wearing them properly, everybody will be looking at you differently.

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