The Wonderful World of Pandora Jewelry

When you think of Pandora, you think of elegant and unique pieces of jewelry. That or charm bracelets with expensive price tags. Learning a bit more about this expensive and well known brand is very important if you are looking to take the plunge into owning a piece of Pandora Jewelry.  Pandora Jewelry is that of Scandinavian design and has earned a huge following for their designs.

When you first enter a Pandora store, you are surprised by the nearly countless options the Pandora Bracelet offers you. The collection of Pandora has more than 600 charms and related items to choose from. This gives a nearly limitless design capability if you are willing to pay for it. Ranging in prices, the charms come in unique shapes, sizes and price tags. The important part of this unique piece of jewelry will be the customization options.

No matter the host for your charms, a more common Pandora Charm Bracelet or a Pandora Necklace, you have a variety of options for customization. The in house Danish design team has options from Sterling Silver to those who need something hypoallergenic to 14 Karat Gold. This range of options makes this charm bracelet provider one of a kind. If platinum is your thing, you even have an option for that. Pandora does have other options such as rings and earrings , but that is not what the brand or company are known for. I would suggest you start with a Charm Bracelet and test the waters first.

The best part of a piece of Pandora Jewelry are the unique characterizations it provides the wearer. The wearer can pick from the current 600 charms or if lucky, find older, discontinued charms. Some third party designers even make charms outside of the line which will fit the piece of jewelry. This expands to unique pieces to fit your favorite movie or franchise, ranging from Disney Characters to Harry Potter Owls. This expansive range for those with the gumption to search adds quite a bit of variance to your piece. Customization is the name of the game with Pandora.

How the pieces look also largely depends on what style you choose. The initial Bracelet or Necklace is simple. You can choose to fill it with large, attention grabbing pieces, or something simple and more elegant. From shiny to sparkly, any one can really find something in the Pandora collection. Which is what makes this a great option for the woman, or man, who is extremely hard to shop for. (Please do not get this for a man unless he specifically asks for it, please. Pretty please, he and I will thank you later.)

A Pandora piece has brilliance in its price range. From 35 dollars, for a trademark piece of Pandora Jewelry, to over 100 for a piece, you can add a charm later on for a low cost. This easily becomes a gift you can keep adding too. For those men out their who never know what to buy your significant other, this becomes a clear option as a nice Christmas or Birthday gift you can add too later on to essentially have a back up, get out of jail free card. This is one of its best perks, you can add on later if you have no solid gift idea.

No matter whom you are shopping for, the Pandora collection offers something for everyone. From elegant to funky, you will find something at Pandora.


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